So it has come to this

Yay,I’m now a blogger!

Hello. Well,this is me wishing you a happy new year. I know it’s the 9th of January already and it’s probably late but yeah I said it. You guys have your new year resolutions/plans on track and have achieved some yet? I really do admire people who live meaningful and well planned lives like, a person could just plan to buy a car by December and when December comes,that car will be in the garage. A girl I know wanted to be a doctor since primary school and she must’ve planned on how she was going to be what she wanted to be over the years and guess what? She’s in Med school. Like how do you guys do that!?

I haven’t been successful in planning out my career or future. Literally went from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to be a model/singer/accountant/lawyer and I’m even embarrassed to say that none of that has been achieved. Okay just comfort me and tell me that things do not always go as planned. Tell me that God has other plans for me.

Anyways, I’m really hoping that this year will be the best for me and you also. Since it has finally come to this (this being me creating my blog), I hope you visit quite often and enjoy.

Stay safe…